Monday, June 8, 2020

Midodi rock is located in okunguro village in Agule sub county, it is a historical rock in the Iteso culture, it is said that in the early days, there lived an old man that used to enter the caves of the rock and drum asking the ancestors for rains and it is said that in evening after drumming the village received rain. It a was a responsibility of elders in the community to perform rituals for thechallenges of the community. This rock is endowed with many attractive features and among these include; caves, a sign of a cross and a granary like shaped feature on top of the rock

As narrated by an elder Omalele Benardo 94yrs a resident of the area, he says many people in the Christianity faith used to climb the rock and conduct overnights praying to God. The community believes the sign of a cross is a Gods calling to praise him and none can tell how the sign of a cross came to exist on top of the rock. Many people around the rock have thus believed the sign was put there by God.

Midodi rock has got many caves on top, it is said that in the days of insurgence this is where people around the communities used to hide. It is also believed that during times of drought elders around the village could climb the rock and perform rituals asking the gods for rain. It is said that immediately after the rituals the community received rain and among the practices included ladies preparing cultural meals especially white peas paste known as “Emagira”, elders dressed in cultural wears, ankle bells that produced sound/rhythm for dance.

Midodi rock has got a smaller granary shaped rock on top, it is believed by the community that the existence of that granary shaped rock is a communication from their ancestors that there is need to store food and prepare for hard days of prolonged drought.